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“This notion of knowing who you are, knowing where you stand, knowing what you think is right, knowing how to fight for what you think is right, knowing how to be centered, and knowing where your mental core is, will be the thrust of all I ever write to you” – pp.134.

Im currently reading  ‘Letters To A Young Artist’ by Anna Deavere Smith. Packed with invaluable personal insights and wisdom, this book is almost like a bible for those working towards a career in the creative fields or unlocking their artistic potential. I say that not to mean it in a religious sense, but because each section or ‘letter’ takes up an average or three or four pages, each with a reference point at the contents, making it easy to refer to the exact sage words to are looking for. Reading through, ADS presents her varied experiences as an actress, professor, teacher and more in a series of letters intended for someone named ‘BZ’, in other words, you.It is an insightful and substantial book, serving as a written mentor to guide as you embark on your creative journey. Due to its easy readability, rich anecdotes and occasional picture to illustrate her story, ADS has blessed us with gems of knowledge which you can get through in a relatively short period of time. A thank you is in order to the Brain Pickings bookshelf (a great resource), which directed me to this book!

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